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BroModern – Combining In-Person Services with a mix of media platforms. 

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Our modern world has changed dramatically over the years from the rise of on-demand services and different cost-sharing business models to what we find entertaining. In our daily lives, most people are constantly inundated with images and stories of the lives of  “those” pretty people. Services like OnlyFans and Just for Fans popped up allowing us a more personal look into these pretty people. 

What if you could hire that person you subscribe to and lust over online? What if you could get to know them personally? After doing research most people excited by this idea, thus BroModern was born. We were a grassroots startup, taking our time to find the best all-around Bro’s to bring you.

In time we plan to offer a variety of personal services from housekeepers, house managers, handymen, hair stylists, personal assistants and misc. made to order services. We also plan to offer marketing and event full to partial service event planning and staffing services. Let our Bro’s be your Brand Ambassadors.  Afterall studies have shown that humans trust people we find attractive 40% faster. This can mean a huge difference in your company image and trustworthiness which has massive financial and long term benefits for any company. 

In addition to our personal and business services, we will offer a mix of media options. These options will give you a brief overview of our bro’s down to an in-depth more intimate view behind closed doors. The majority of our media services are limited to members over the age of 18 only. 

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OUR founders & Team

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Think you are BroModern material and want to join our team?

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Want to become a bro?

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